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  • About Our Company

    We strive for perfection.

    Who We Are

    We are part of G4 Holdings Worldwide, founded by Gurbaksh Chahal, a technology focused entrepreneur. With Gurbaksh’s leadership at the helm, G4 Natural Resources is focused on solving the energy challenges of our society, by utilizing cutting edge technology and platform solutions.


    G4 Natural Resources has a wide customer base that includes the industrial, automotive, construction, steel, power generation, with both thermal & metallurgical coal needs. We also work with the governments and the investment community to bring unrivaled expertise across the full spectrum of natural resource sectors. We use in-depth insights, and employ rigorous analysis using technological advancements, to provide actionable suggestions to support our clients achieve their targeted supply & demand-side goals. Over the past few years, G4 Natural Resources team has built a great reputation with its exceptional diverse client base by always delivering focused results and tackling major strategic issues in the energy sector.


    Our expertise in the field enables us to provide sustainable energy solutions at affordable prices. Our team is seasoned experts in the field operations, engineering, production, and business management across the Americas and various parts of the globe.

    Our Mission

    We firmly believe it is through collaboration between the private and public sectors, we can achieve production of sustainable, clean & affordable energy.

    Our global operations emphasize the use of cutting edge technology resources to ensure safety, sustainability and affordability of the natural resources. We have built a stellar reputation for helping governments and private sectors implement innovative strategies to natural resources, while discovering new growth opportunities to deliver sustainable energy performance improvements.

  • Our vision

    We Supply Natural Resources to Industrial Customers Across the Globe

    Global Innovation

    In Emerging Markets

    We've quickly become one of the world’s leading diversified and vertically-integrated commodity producers, processors and traders.


    G4 Natural Resources, is a subsidiary of G4 Holdings Worldwide. However, it operates independently with its own management team, that has experience in doing multi-billion dollars in trade and over 40 years of combined energy trading and energy production experience.

    Strategic Partnerships

    Solving Complex Problems through Automation

    G4 Holdings Worldwide was founded in 2014, backed by Gurbaksh Chahal, and has quickly been considered one of the most reliable Natural Commodity Suppliers across the globe.


    We market and distribute to a wide customer base that includes the industrial, automotive, construction, steel, power generation, with both thermal & metallurgical coal needs. Over the past few years, G4 Natural Resources has built a great reputation with its exceptional diverse client base by always delivering results.


    In 2017, we look forward in introducing a fully automated platform for our buyers.




    Our commitment to our environment and sustainable resources is deeply rooted in our company philosophy. The mission laid out by our founder, Gurbaksh Chahal, was inspired by identifying the need for global clean energy options. He developed G4 Natural Resources, a subsidiary of G4 Holdings Worldwide, to strategically develop and cultivate clean energy solutions to power our future. With investments in advanced energy technology, we are creating an innovative shift in the market to help link the demand of the world with reusable and clean energy options. G4 Natural Resources is making achievements in the sector through implementing formative practices with modern technology. We plan to help power the new generation of the world with revolutionary clean energy options.


    G4 Natural Resources works closely with the most visionary renewable energy companies in the market to identify progressive opportunities. Our goal is to protect and preserve while delivering needed clean energy sources to support the power needs worldwide.

    Our company ideals focus on the plan to supply this generation with clean, reliable energy at an affordable rate to power the global community. We realize that not only businesses and institutions need energy to power the economy, but families are equally in need to support a healthy living.


    G4 Natural Resources, a division of G4 Holdings Worldwide, is actively pursuing clean energy technologies through rigorous research and development efforts. In order to accelerate growth in clean energy options for our natural resource division, we are making strategic investments to analyze and develop the new roadmap for clean energy cultivation and distribution.


    G4 Natural Resources is the innovative energy company for this generation, creating sustainable energy options and clean natural resource technologies for our global community. We strive to use predictive analytics in the industry and modern technology to look at all clean resource options for the world’s energy needs. Our continued vision is to utilize advanced technologies in the industry and leverage our elite resources to achieve the best clean energy options to fulfill the world’s economic, environmental and energy goals.



    We are committed to developing new technologies to help preserve our environment and continue to strive for the advancement in clean energy options through rigorous research and development efforts.

    Global Community Focus

    Our business model is focused on identifying global energy needs and delivering clean energy options for both business and life success.


    Set forth by our founder, Gurbaksh Chahal, we are inspired to compete at the highest level while delivering the world with quality products at affordable prices in an honorable and respectable manner. Through inspiring and pioneering efforts, our team has the credence to lead in a diverse market and execute our business model with confidence.


    G4 Natural Resources is investing in the future of natural resource options. By dedicating strategic research and development efforts, G4 Natural Resources is quickly becoming the innovative voice in the global energy sector. We believe that identifying potential clean energy sources paired with modern technology will be the future for our global community’s energy needs.

  • About Our Founder

    How We Got Here

    Our Founder

    Gurbaksh Chahal, a successful Indian-American entrepreneur, is the founder of G4 Natural Resources through his holding group G4 Holdings Worldwide. Gurbaksh is a successful entrepreneur, who arrived in the US at a young age with his immigrant family. Under his leadership and experience on the globally, G4 Natural Resources quickly expanded its presence to be part of the 1000+ employees across 21 different countries: US, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Stockholm, India, Norway, Finland, Spain, Singapore, Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Columbia, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Malaysia, Mexico, and Taipei.


    Our energy initiative is a pure global play. We have significant scale to meet the growing demand of natural energy. We also serve broad diversity of clientele across the globe. Our strategic partnership spans across some of the best US and APAC demand centers. Our leadership team is seasoned with global expertise in the sector.


    Some of his television appearances include The Oprah Winfrey Show, Bonnie Hunt, EXTRA and Neil Cavuto, among others. He has also been profiled in such publications as The New York Times, Entrepreneur magazine, and The San Francisco Chronicle.

    Chahal is also an international best-selling author of “The Dream,” the true inspirational tale of his entrepreneurial journey.

    On April 29, 2010, Chahal was awarded the Leaders In Management Award and an Honorary Doctorate degree in Commercial Science from Pace University for his career achievements as an entrepreneur. He also writes frequently on his motivational blog BeLimitless.

    Gurbaksh holds the awards for 8 patents issued by USPTO. Furthermore, he has 12 additional patents pending for his contribution to the innovation within the field of data science and media technologies.

    Investor Relations


    • For institutional investor inquiries, please email us at: info@gravity4.com
    • For all partnership inquiries, please email us at the below form.
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    We strongly believe that only great people make great organizations. We also believe it is our responsibility to help mentor the next generation, as well as ensure we utilize innovative technologies to advance further our efforts to cleaner & affordable energy for the global sectors.

    If you are passionate about natural energy, and have the drive to work for a fast pacing company, come join our team. Our team takes pride in training and mentoring our future leaders in this sector.